Descend is a Gorgeous Looking RPG Currently on Kickstarter

Descend is a Gorgeous Looking RPG Currently on Kickstarter

Descend, a narrative driven puzzle RPG from fledgling Canadian developer Twinspell Studio, is currently attempting to get funded on Kickstarter.

Twinspell Studio is an up and coming developer made up of 5 recent college graduates, and their first game looks great. Titled Descend, Twinspell’s firs project is an RPG with puzzle and platforming elements that takes place in a gorgeous and creative world of Hemonnet. Check out the game’s latest trailer below:

Descend currently has a Kickstarter campaign that is live and attempting to raise $37,167 before May 17, 2019. Currently, $9,708 has been pledged to get the game funded so far. Pledge tiers vary from $5 to $700 CAD and give players everything from wallpapers and special Discord names at the lower tiers to input towards designs at the highest tiers. 

As for the game itself, Descend follows a 12 year old girl name Faye who is the rightful leader of her clan that must Ruin Gylder’s Rite within Calder’s Chasm, a giant ruin structure, in order to lead the clan. Her parents actually disappeared during an expedition in Calder’s Chasm, giving Faye even more personal motivation to explore. Faye also has some magical abilities that allow her to manipulate plant life and control stone sentinels called Orison.

Of course, these magical elements play into gameplay. Players will have to wither and grow plants in order to progress while also commanding the small Orison Coroliths and larger Orison Karoliths. That being said, the Kickstarter does tease that these mystical powers have a dark side and can take control of Faye if she isn’t careful. In addition to the RPG elements and puzzle solving opportunities these skills open, traversal is also a key element to Descend as each floor of Calder’s Chasm are explored.

Descend’s various environments also gorgeous, which is quite impressive for an Unreal Engine 4 project made by only 5 recent college graduates. If you are a fan of puzzle platformers, RPGs, or creative and gorgeous looking worlds with interesting lore, Descend should definitely be on your radar.

You can check out some detailed screenshots, art, and GIFs of the game below. Descend is currently only slated for PC, though Twinspell Studio is hoping to bring the game to other platforms if the Kickstarter campaign is successful and stretch goals are met. The Kickstarter also lists the expected release window as August 2021.