Descend Developers Pledge to Continue Development After Kickstarter Campaign Fails

Descend Developers Pledge to Continue Development After Kickstarter Campaign Fails

While the Kickstarter campaign for Descend did not meet its funding goal, developer Twinspell Studio is pledging to continue development.

Last month, I highlighted Descend, a unique looking RPG with puzzle and platforming elements from the fledgling Twinspell Studio. The game was on Kickstarter then with a goal of $37,167; unfortunately, it did not meet that goal and only raised $19,314 before today. Despite this, the game’s developers still pledged to finish Descend on the game’s final Kickstarter update.

“After a long journey our Kickstarter has just come to an end…Thank you everyone who has supported Descend, it truly means so much to us. While the funding may not have been successful, we’ll be continuing production regardless. Rest assured, we have no plans on giving up,” Twinspell Studio’s Level Designer and Environment Artist Thelonius Bashford-Luong stated. While it is always disappointing to see a promising Kickstarter project fail, it’s still nice to see the developers of a failed campaign follow through and continue development in an industry where some fully funded games don’t follow through on their promises.

Thelonius then went on to highlight where development goes from here. “We’re looking into other ways to fund Descend, it may take longer, but we’re dedicated and determined to make it happen. We’re happy to say this has been a learning curve, and we will use the knowledge we have now to improve our game even further. Descend has honestly been such a joy for the team, we couldn’t have gotten this far without you guys.”

He wrapped up the post by thanking those who backed the game and pointing people to Twinspell Studio’s various social media sites and dev blog. Whenever Twinspell Studio and Descend start to show us what’s happening next, DualShockers will be sure to let you know. If you want a refresher on what Descend is, you can check out its Kickstarter trailer below.