Descenders Bringing High-Speed Stunts to Switch This November

Descenders Bringing High-Speed Stunts to Switch This November

With a release on the Switch, Descenders will soon be available on every current-gen platform

Descenders, the high-speed indie title all about going down steep hills and hitting the sickest stunts you possibly can is rounding the corner to Switch November 6.

Announced on Twitter by the game’s publisher, No More Robots, Descenders will be launching both physically and digitally, partially due to support from SoldOut Games, another UK-based publisher.

If you’re new to Descenders here’s the rundown. The game is half mountain-biking sim, half roguelike. It straps players into the seat of a bike, points them down a long, winding hill with treacherous paths and ramps to jump, and says “try to get to the end without knocking your block off.” Each level is procedurally generated and can range from a nice, soothing, winding dirt path down an idyllic green hillside to a 70-degree downward slope with sharp turns and ramps. You just have to make it to the end of each level, but what’s the point of those ramps if you’re not at least going to do a flip?

This trip to Switch could mean another big boost in sales is coming to Descenders. The game was added to Xbox Game Pass this past June, and subsequently saw a five times increase in overall sales.

Once again, Descenders will be coming to the Switch on November 6.