Extreme Downhill Freeriding Title Descenders Receives Launch Trailer Ahead Its Xbox Game Preview Release

Extreme Downhill Freeriding Title Descenders Receives Launch Trailer Ahead Its Xbox Game Preview Release

Extreme downhill racing game Descenders by RageSquid receives an adrenaline-fueled launch trailer five days prior to its launch on Xbox Game Preview.

Yesterday, indie developer RageSquid provided new details regarding its upcoming racing title, Descenders, including a brand-new action-packed trailer.

According to the press release, Descenders will launch on Xbox One on Tuesday, May 15 as an Xbox Game Preview title for $29.99 ($26.99 if you purchase the game during launch week). Initially released on Steam on February 9, 2018, as an Early Access title, Descenders is an extreme downhill freeriding title that caters to the modern era of gaming, which the developers claim is an easy game to pick up and play, but challenging to master.

As you could probably guess, Descenders gameplay focuses heavily on pulling off gnarly stunts. While also maintaining a fast speed as you race down extremely steep locations. Additionally, every world you traverse through has been procedurally generated before you play it, meaning you are never racing the same level twice, while new content will also be added throughout the year for Xbox One owners, free of charge. On top of that, Descenders will also include Xbox One X enhancements at launch.

Aside from making a simple port of the title, RageSquid has also provided a slew of goodies for Xbox One owners, which will be available at launch. This includes exclusive gear for your avatar, as well as an abundance of new and compelling roguelike elements, are also being introduced in the Xbox One version, such as randomized world maps to examine, new members, to add to your crew and secret locations tucked away within the title.

The developer has also unveiled that there will be unique features for those who use Mixer as their primary streaming platform. These new streaming features will interact with your viewers and will alter your gameplay, either by increasing your in-game score or making the game more difficult for you. Finally, those who stream Descenders on Mixer will also obtain a unique in-game Mixer kit.

Personally, I am intrigued by this title, as a fan of Downhill Domination I have been eager for a new extreme downhill title to come to current-gen systems. You can view the launch trailer below this article. As mentioned earlier in the article, Descenders is available now as an early access title on Steam for $29.99 and will launch on Xbox Game Preview on May 15.