Descent: Underground Now Coming to PS4 and Xbox One Courtesy of Little Orbit

Descent: Underground Now Coming to PS4 and Xbox One Courtesy of Little Orbit

Descent: Underground is now also coming to PS4 and Xbox One due to the help of Little Orbit, who recently took over development for Unsung Story.

Descent: Underground a prequel/reboot of the popular 1994 PC a game Descent that is currently being developed by Descendent Studios. The title was successfully funded through a KickStarter campaign in 2015 and eventually came to Early Access on Steam, though it has since been removed so the developer could fully implement some new features for the final release.

The title was previously only slated to PC, Mac, and Linux, but that has changed, as publisher Little Orbit revealed that they are partnering with Descendent Studios to publish the game on PS4 and Xbox One, while also providing additional funding, resources, marketing, and a physical retail release for the title. Matthew Scott, CEO of Little Orbit, had the following to say about publishing Descent: Underground: 

“We’re proud to help give the Descent series the full, modern AAA rebirth it deserves.Descendent had the experience, the vision, and the drive. Now with our help, they have the support to take Descent: Underground out of this world!”

This is another interesting development for Little Orbit, a studio who were only previously known for titles like Barbie & Her Sisters: Puppy Rescue and Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations. They seem to be shifting to support more mature titles, as they recently took over development duties for Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians after that game ran into drawn-out and painful post-KickStarter woes. It will certainly be very interesting to see how the studio makes a name for itself with these bigger titles, as they aren’t like anything we’ve seen from the studio before.

Meanwhile, Eric Peterson, CEO of Descendent Studios, had the following to say about partnering with Little Orbit:

“Little Orbit is helping us to enrich players’ experience in Descent: Underground with a larger storyline campaign, excellent art, and deeper metagame. With Little Orbit on board, we’re progressing faster towards delivering the amazing modern rebirth that Descent deserves!”

Descent: Underground is now set to release on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018, both physically and digitally.