Desert Child Goes Gold with Launch Date Announcement and Unusual Trailer

Desert Child Goes Gold with Launch Date Announcement and Unusual Trailer

Desert Child's quirky new trailer has everything you need; a grainy tv, a game creator claiming he's the Australian Prime Minister, and flashes of gameplay.

The gaming industry has some colorful characters scattered throughout. Developers and creators who, in many ways, are just as entertaining as the games they bring to life. Australian indie dev Oscar Brttain is one such personality and seems to be more than happy to divulge his quirky attitude in the latest trailer for his upcoming title Desert Child.

The trailer opens with the fuzzy blue static of a CRT TV as an old video cassette is loaded up. We then see a grainy shot of Oscar Brittain relaxing with a drink while sporting a bathrobe alongside a towel wrapped around his head. In the background among the bookshelves, a video of a roaring fire can be spotted. Brittain then satirically introduces himself as a rap/rock prodigy and the Prime Minister of Australia before announcing that Desert Child has gone gold.

We are then treated to a brief montage of gameplay from the beautifully animated title which sports a retro-inspired pixelated aesthetic. Desert Child is a mixture of shoot-em-up action and RPG elements which sees players speeding across dusty barren lands on an old hoverbike in an attempt to win races and earn enough cash to leave Earth for a new life on Mars.

Desert Child, which was featured at Day of the Devs 2018 this past weekend, will be available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch from December 11, 2018.