Design Your own Move in Dead or Alive 5

Design Your own Move in Dead or Alive 5

Team NINJA is having a contest for their upcoming game Dead Or Alive 5. You can be part of the lucky winners to have his own move implemented in the game! Your name will also appear in the credits at the end.

“We wanted to create an opportunity to further celebrate and involve our loyal Dead or Alive community in a way that directly rewarded them,” said Yosuke Hayashi, leader of Team NINJA. “By hosting our ‘Make Your Move’ contest, we will be able to see and encourage our fighting fans to play an active and creative role in this next game which is something that really excites and inspires us.”

The contest kicks off on Friday, October 28th on and will close on Friday, November 18th. That gives you three weeks to get cracking and work on your design.  Team NINJA will allow for multiple submissions and anyone over the age of 17 can enter.  To submit players must draw, write, or act or pretty much any other form of expression. I’d like to see who makes a musical entry.  For video entries, a URL link must be included in the description field.  For picture formats, jpeg, gif or png are accepted with up to three images of 2MB max.

To submit an entry, go on their website at or Facebook page at

The game will be out in 2012 on PS3 and Xbox360. Good luck!