Designer Defends Fallout: New Vegas’s Outdated Graphics Engine

Designer Defends Fallout: New Vegas’s Outdated Graphics Engine


It would appear that most people find the graphics in Fallout: New Vegas identical to those in Fallout 3. This wouldn’t be a problem if only Fallout 3 hadn’t come out years ago. In response to the negativity surrounding this, designer for Obsidian Chris Avellone defends the engine, saying:

“One thing I like about GECK is that when it comes to creating an open-world environment, like we’ve done for New Vegas, it’s pretty impressive and took care of a lot of what we needed — and we have experience with working with an open-world engine before, Being able to see that technology and see how [Bethesda] structured all of the data was really important for us as a studio and we thought the GECK was pretty solid, even though it’s been through a couple of iterations and is a long standing piece of technology. I’m not going to say it’s the prettiest engine out there — it doesn’t have the best animation and there’s certain limitations to the facial structures you can build with the characters. But at the same time it allowed us to create really fun quests, really cool characters and a really huge world that was fun to explore. So from an RPG perspective that’s what I want.”

That’s what I want too Chris! I mean graphics have never been all that important in a truly good game, especially not in an RPG.  Stay tuned for our review of Fallout: New Vegas.