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Devil May Cry 5 Characters Took Longer Than a Live-Action Film to Design

During a recent interview, Senior Producer of Devil May Cry 5 Michiteru Okabe clued us in on just how immersive this title will be.

By Grant Huff

November 4, 2018

Capcom is trying their hardest to create hyper-realistic characters in the upcoming Devil May Cry 5. That includes everything from voice acting to gestures unique to Japanese people. In a recent developer interview with Capcom, Senior Producer of the game Michiteru Okabe detailed just how immersed they are trying to get their players.

He stated:

“Gathering the best materials for making a character’s look, voice and actions probably takes more time than an actual live-action film. Take actions, for example: For gestures unique to Japanese people, we need to get a Japanese actor to play the part. For voice, we need to use a Native English voice actor who can use proper pronunciation. These are details that players don’t think about while playing the game, but considering how immersed they become in the DMC world, we can’t cut corners.”

He is absolutely correct. Hiring Japanese actors so they can nail those unique gestures is something I would have never known, let alone think about while playing. Okabe also went on about how they found the right actors and technology they have used.

“The development staff looked all over the world for actors, models and tech that could fulfill their needs, heading on-site in each country to observe the viability of potential candidates for themselves. 3Lateral is based out of Serbia, but we ended up selecting them for their world-leading skill in crafting expression for video game characters.”

Finally, Okabe was asked if he believes attention to detail is a characteristic trait of Japanese game development.

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“Well, we have our background in developing competitive fighting games, coupled with a sense of artisanship that is uniquely Japanese. There are plenty of amazing games made overseas, but few show such minute attention to detail.”

Capcom has some high expectations for Devil May Cry 5 after an extremely successful 2018, and rightfully so. This title took home essentially all of our top Tokyo Game Show awards earlier this year which includes Readers’ Choice Game of the Show, Game of the Show, Best Ps4 Game, Best Xbox One Game, and finally, Best PC Game.

Devil May Cry 5 releases on March 8, 2019, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you wish to pre-order, you may do so through Amazon.

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