Desperados 3: Money for the Vultures Part 1 Is Out Today

Desperados 3 gets its first slice of story-based DLC today. Part one of Money for the Vultures is out now, with more to come later this year.

By Ricky Frech

September 2, 2020

Desperados 3 fans hoping for some new content to play are in luck today. The team at Mimimi Games finally released the first piece of the game’s season pass DLC and it’s quite the doozy. Money for the Vultures Part 1 adds a completely new mission to the game, which asks player’s to take on a heist for all of Vincent DeVitt’s money. Check out the trailer below.

Desperados 3 has gotten a consistent drip of new content since release. However, until now we’ve only really gotten new Baron challenges. While these provide some fun changes to normal gameplay, it’s not the same as a full level. Remember, missions in Desperados 3 are long. Even just one new level is going to, at minimum, give you another few hours of content to play through.

Money for the Vultures Part 1 sees the crew meeting up again with Rosie, a minor character from the main game. She has a lead on DeVitt’s vault and says she’ll help you get past the other looters looking to make a payday. Of course, we know from the main story she isn’t exactly trustworthy, so who knows what she’s up to?

Even if you don’t have the season pass, you’ll still get access to a new Baron challenge. This one has you in control of an “unleashed” Cooper with otherworldly knife-throwing skills. As ever, these challenges are a great way to spice up gameplay and give yourself even more to do.

Desperados 3 and the first part of the Money for Vultures DLC is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. For season pass owners, Mimimi Games has the second part of the story on the docket for later this year. The third piece coming sometime after.

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