Destination PlayStation Attendees Impressed: “Gamers are Going to Be Very Excited With the Fall”

Destination PlayStation Attendees Impressed: “Gamers are Going to Be Very Excited With the Fall”

This week saw the celebration of the behind-closed-doors Destination PlayStation event in Scottsdale, Arizona, where Sony and third parties showcased their upcoming line-up to representative of retailers.

The event is designed to showcase the upcoming PlayStation games to Sony’s most trusted partners, so it’s said to include titles that haven’t even been shown to the press. This year the non disclosure agreement was almost iron-clad, as very few impressions filtered down the grapevine, but we did manage to find a few comments:

Toys “R” Us Associate Buyer Sergio Godinho was the most vocal, praising Destiny and inFAMOUS, and teasing big surprises from Ubisoft. He also mentioned that we’re gonna be excited with what the Fall will bring:

Favorite games I can talk about: Destiny and Infamous. On stuff I can’t talk about, gamers are going to be very excited with the Fall!

Everyone brought their A game for fall lineup. Ubisoft was the biggest surprise and Activision certainly the most theatrical. Destiny!

Sega of America Regional Sales Director Jeremiah Wehler was more vague, but still positively impressed:

Otherwise, another great Destination Playstation this year.

ShopTo’s Joe Anderson also mentioned that Destiny looked great:

News from Destination PlayStation is that Destiny looks amazing.

One thing is for sure: while not much has surfaced in terms of information, what we did hear is quite exciting. In the meanwhile below you can see a few pictures from the event (apparently the only ones that were shared) showcasing the Destiny statue at the entrance and the game’s presentation, courtesy of Jeremiah WehlerCarterTheGreat and Eric Bright.

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