Destiny 2: Check Out 16 New Guns and How They Work

Destiny 2: Check Out 16 New Guns and How They Work

With Destiny 2 comes new guns, and more importantly, huge changes to the way the work.

Destiny 2 has been the hot topic of the week since the gameplay premiere on Thursday, May 18. But I know what you’re all really interested in: guns.

A lot of things are changing in Destiny 2 and one of the changes that players will notice most quickly is the way they equip their weapons and the types of weapons that will be available. Our very own Lou Contaldi got the chance to play Destiny 2 at the event and in his gameplay we can bask in the glory of some new weaponry.

To begin the classifications of weapons have changed. In Destiny, the format was familiar: Auto Rifles, Hand Cannons, Pulse Rifles, and Scout Rifles made up the Primary Weapon slot. Snipers, Shotguns, Sidearms, and Fusion Rifles made up the Special weapon slot. Finally, Rocket Launchers and Machine Guns fill out the Heavy Weapon slot. These three categories were pretty simple and got the job done for most encounters. Players would generally use their Primary Weapons for trash mobs, and their Special and Heavy Weapons for shielded or yellow-health bar enemies and of course- bosses.

Included in these three classifications are elemental types: Arc, Solar, and Void. Whenever an enemy had a shield, using the matching elemental type (based on the color of the shield) would result in a quicker kill, while using non-elemental, or the wrong element would see normal, non-elemental damage numbers.

Destiny 2 looks to change all of that.

The weapon classifications are now divided up into Kinetic Weapons, Energy Weapons, and Power Weapons. While ammo drops will remain, in order, white, green, and purple, the weapons that are available to each slot have changed quite a bit.

Kinetic weapons are still, from what we we’ve seen so far, comprised of Auto Rifles, Pulse Rifles, Scout Rifles,and Hand Cannons. These weapons all do kinetic damage, meaning they don’t have any elemental bonus.

Energy Weapons are where we start to see things get interesting. We see Sidearms, the all new (and really cool) Submachineguns, and Hand Cannons. Wait, Hand Cannons? Yeah, Hand Cannons. This means that Guardians, if they wanted to feel even closer to Cayde-6 in spirit, could have two Hand Cannons equipped (though sadly not dual-wielded).

Youtuber KackisHD was able to ask Senior Gameplay Designer Josh Hamrick about the possibility of having two Auto Rifles equipped, or two Scout Rifles. Hamrick, though he wouldn’t let slip if there were Energy Weapon version of the other Kinetic Weapons, said that during the development process, designers referred to Kinetic and Energy Weapon categories as “freedom slots.” KackisHD was also told that Kinetic Weapons in Destiny 2 will do increased damage to enemies without shields. This gives the Kinetic Weapon category a specific purpose, and gives Guardians a reason to swap to them during a fight.

Power Weapons are going to be an amalgamation of everything else including Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Fusion Rifles, Rocket Launchers and the new Grenade Launchers. This is going to feel the most strange as Guardians move from Destiny to Destiny 2 because they will have to choose one. Developers will be balancing this large Weapon Category based on ammunition. While Rocket Launchers have long been the go-to for bosses and strong enemies (i.e. Gjallarhorn), Sniper Rifles and Shotguns will likely have larger ammo capacities to prevent players from only using Rocket Launchers.

We also were given sneak peaks into some of the Exotic Weapons we will be able to collect once the game launches. One Exotic Weapon was available on each class and while there was word on whether Guardians could equip multiple Exotic Weapons at the same time, they were still pretty cool.

Sweet Business resembles a gattling gun, Sunshot acts as a exotic version of the famous Fate Bringer, and Riskrunner is like a Zhalo Supercell on steroids. The sound design behind all of these weapons, even the legendary ones, was amazing, and unlike anything I’ve heard in Destiny before. Submachineguns sound punchy and suppressed, while Hand Cannons are booming and noticible no matter who in your Fireteam is using it.

You can see these glorious guns in action below, remember to check out Dualshockers regularly for updates on all things Destiny 2.

[On-site reporting: Lou Contaldi]