Destiny 2 Astral Alignment Guide and Location - New Seasonal Activity for Season of the Lost

Here is all you need to know about Destiny 2 Astral Alignment.

By Md Armughanuddin

August 24, 2021

After a long maintenance break and downtime, Destiny 2’s all-new-season, Season of the Lost has finally kicked off.

We have some interesting things happening in the latest Season, quite notable of all being the return of Mara Sov, the Awoken Queen. An all-new quest, Tracing the Stars, is available for players which will be featuring Mara. In that quest, players have to find five Atlas Skews.

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Today was quite a notable day for Destiny 2 fans as they got some interesting information about the upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen. We got to learn more about the weapon crafting feature, as well as some of the upcoming weapons in the game. The expansion is slated to release in February and fans are eagerly looking forward to playing it.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen | Trailer

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen | Trailer

Destiny 2 Astral Alignment Guide and Location – New Seasonal Activity for Season of the Lost

In the latest season, we have a new Seasonal activity arriving in the game, namely, Astral Alignment. To start the Astral Alignment, players need to head to the Dreaming City and they will find it near The Strand. Here are all the tasks in this activity and how to complete them.

  • Insert the Compass
  • Collapse the Taken Rifts
  • Prevent the Ether Harvest
  • Retrieve the Compass
  • Defeat Kholks, Taken of Xivu Arath (Lieutenant)

Once it starts, players first need to defeat some Fallen enemies and then insert their compass. This will transport you to the next stage. The next part is a bit tricky, as there are some tougher enemies in this section. You will encounter a lot of enemies at this point, but you need to focus on the Taken enemies with circles on their heads. These are the ones that will drop Token essence and will help you close down the portals.

Next, you need to locate the beacon which will start the next part of the mission. Here, you have to prevent the Servators from harvesting Ether. After that, you need to get your Wayfinder Compass which will take you to the final part of the mission, i.e., defeating Kholks.

At some point, after you have lowered its health, you will see that it has a shield to protect itself. You’ll then need to look for a Taken Pylon, destroy it, then destroy the Taken, collect the Taken essence and then destroy the shield. Once it’s defeated the challenge will be complete.

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