Activision Has “Tremendous Confidence” in Destiny 2; Beta Feedback “Almost Universally Positive”

Activision Has “Tremendous Confidence” in Destiny 2; Beta Feedback “Almost Universally Positive”

Destiny 2's recent beta appears to have boosted Activision's confidence in the future of the upcoming FPS by Bungie.

During Activision’s quarterly financial conference call, Chief Executive Officer Eric Hirshberg talked about the publisher’s outlook for Destiny 2.


Hirshberg explained that the beta went “great” and there is a lot of excitement around the game. There are “a lot of positive signs” pretty much anywhere you look. The publisher has a “tremendous amount of confidence” in the game, and they “think that it’s gonna be a great game.”

According to Hirshberg Activision received “almost universally positive feedback” from both press and and fans after the beta.

The game has “very strong pre-orders” and is first on Nielsen’s awareness ranking and on Next Choice’s purchase intent. While no one of those points is predictive in a vacuum, normally when there are all three of them trending positive, it’s usually a very good thing.

Hirshberg also mentioned that the quality of the PC version, more localization languages and the launch on Blizzard’s is going to bring the game to new audiences worldwide.


More importantly, he continued, Destiny is so engaging that post-launch content is “almost as important, if not as important as the main game,” and Activision tapped in its stable of developers to keep up with the demand for new content.

Evidence of that is that an overwhelmingly high percentage of pre-orders is for the edition that includes the season pass.

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Destiny 2 will eventually release on PC on October 24th, while it’ll come earlier on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th.