Destiny 2 New Update Makes Protheon Boss Three Times Bigger in Hilarious Bug

Destiny 2 New Update Makes Protheon Boss Three Times Bigger in Hilarious Bug

Oh lawd he comin'

There are already some gigantic bosses in the Destiny franchise. In fact, the new raid boss for Scourge of the Past is absolutely massive in his own right. With that said, a recently fixed bug in Destiny 2 created a normal-sized boss hilariously massive — then shared it for us all to appreciate the bigboi.

Ahead of the new Black Armory content update for Destiny 2: Forsaken, Bungie prepared their normal patch notes rolling out the major changes. However, one of these innocuous notes in the patch caught the eye of the loyal Destiny 2 community:



Enterprising Reddit user u/skelepibs made this a point of contention on the Destiny subreddit, going as far as petitioning for it. Taking note of it, Bungie community managers took the post back to the development team to see if they could find footage:


And even better, Bungie delivered.

Before we show off the tweet, lets set the tone. As a base point of reference, this is what the Protheon, Modular Mind boss fight should look like:

Certainly a boss that towers over you, but not absolutely massive.


Meanwhile, this is how the error generated bigboi Protheon:

It’s almost impossible to think that people are considering this a “bug,” with how much comedic value it adds. And the response to this were as expected from the Destiny 2 community:

Even developer Blizzard got in on the fun:

Destiny 2: Forsaken‘s year of annual content is just starting, with the recent release of the Black Armory and the Scourge of the Past raid. Even better, the PC audience has never been larger after Bungie put the base game out for free for over two weeks. And you shouldn’t miss out on the new content — DualShockers reviewed Destiny 2: Forsaken, awarding the expansion a 9.0 out of 10.


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