Destiny 2: Forsaken Expansion’s Combat and Weapon Changes Revealed by Bungie

Destiny 2: Forsaken Expansion’s Combat and Weapon Changes Revealed by Bungie

Bungie showcased the combat and weapon changes coming with Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion that will come in September to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Today, Bungie hosted a livestream showcasing the weapon and combat changes coming with the upcoming Forsaken expansion of Destiny 2. 

With Forsaken and Bungie aimed to give players more options and tools to tweak their loadout to fit their playstyle. They also want gameplay to feel special and fun like the first time, aiming for the meta not to feel stale after a while.

They also want to bring back more hero moments. The game should be special and “insane to watch” in the right hands by improving what skill can achieve.

There will be nine new supers, with the goal of giving everyone a new way to play. Of course, every new super will have new associated perks. Existing options will also be tweaked consequently: a lot of the existing perks and abilities have been changed in order to let you react to the new ones.

The three-slot system with kinetic, energy, and power weapons. Yet the ammo each weapon use (primary, special, and heavy) has been made independent of the slot. So in each slot, you can have different types of weapons.

Which weapons are available in every slot has been curated to retain balance but provide more options. Developers wanted to support players in playing the way they want to play.

In PvP you will respawn with ammo, including special ones, so you’re always fed ammo in order to keep you playing.

Random rolls for weapons perks are back, providing more variety in loot. Masterwork upgrading for weapons will be increased up to a maximum of 10. Mods have been improved: they won’t just manipulate your energy type, but they will actually tweak the ways you tactically play.

Mods are going to drop in the weapons, but by dismantling them you can extract the mods and use them in other weapons. Of course, mods for armor have also been changed.

The new changes required the developers to provide more ammo, but this means that they also needed to change lethality in order to make primary weapons competitive with special ones.

Two melee hits will hit a guardian, and precision shots to the head with primary weapons will be more lethal. Third-person abilities like shoulder charges will one-hit-kill guardians. Grenades have also been buffed.

We also get to see a new Crucible map, with the video starting with showing the changes to the time-to-kill and then moving on to combat within two Clash matches to show off all the new tweaks.

Some of these changes will actually go into the game when Bungie pre-loads the expansion on August 28th, while the rest will happen at release.

You can check out the relevant videos below, alongside the full livestream. If you want to know more about Destiny 2, you can enjoy the latest trailer, and another one for the upcoming Forsaken expansion, another recent video and our hands-on preview from E3 2018.

The expansion, that will come to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 4th, can already be pre-ordered on Amazon.

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