Destiny 2: Forsaken's Annual Pass Trailer for Last Word Teases Thorn's Return

The Last Word will be coming to Destiny 2: Forsaken as part of an exotic quest and fans can expect its companion, Thorn, to join it soon.

A new trailer for Destiny 2: Forsaken‘s annual pass is all about the return of the Last Word, a exotic hand cannon from the original Destiny renown for its ability to down a Guardian with only two shots (which appears to be confirmed by the trailer) before being nerfed in an update. The trailer ends with a tease to the “villain” to the Last Word’s “hero,” including thorn projectiles that all but confirms that Thorn, another exotic hand cannon, will be added to Destiny 2 soon.

The Last Word was announced earlier during a trailer for The Black Armory, the first major update to Destiny 2: Forsaken as part of Bungie’s revamped approach to content updates for their online shooter. The Black Armory included some new weapons, as well as a quest called “The Draw” which would reward Guardians with the exotic hand cannon Last Word. This quest will become available to season pass holders tomorrow, January 29, 2019. Thorn, meanwhile is “coming soon in the Season of the Drifter.” Destiny 2: Forsaken‘s calendar for December 2018-August 2019 includes three seasons, each spanning three months. Currently we are in the Season of the Forge, with Season of the Drifter beginning in March and extending through May of 2019.

Thorn was first introduced in an exotic quest for the Rise of Iron expansion called A Light in the Dark. Guardians can expect to acquire Thorn under similar circumstances once the Season of the Drifter begins. Thorn’s special perk was to cause damage over time against enemy Guardians, preventing shield regeneration and extending the killshot time. While its ability was nerfed in an update, you can probably expect it to be closer to its original power like the Last Word appears to be when it is reintroduced.

Bungie have undergone some major changes, as they recently announced that they will be splitting with Activision but retain the rights to the Destiny franchise. Given that Destiny was supposed to be the beginning of a ten year partnership between Bungie and Activision, the former having just separated with Microsoft, this was a big surprise. However considering the disappointment Activision expressed over Destiny 2′s sales, as well as the tumultuous development of the first Destiny, and Chinese service provider NetEase’s investment into Bungie, it became a little less of a surprise.

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