Destiny 2: Forsaken Shows Off New Supers in a Smashing Fashion

Destiny 2: Forsaken adds three new supers for each class and Bungie just put out some in-depth trailers to show off how badass they are.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launched yesterday and it includes a new super for each class to Slay aliens with. Today, we got new trailers from Bungie showing off each one and just how they can impact the flow of combat and look good doing so.

Let’s look at Warlock first (totally no bias here). For Voidwalker, there’s the Nova Warp which allows players to teleport through crowds of enemies and explode when they see fit. For Stormcallers we get Chaos Reach or as Bungie likes to say “long range beam of death.” Looks like a Kamehameha to me. And Finally, for Dawnblade there’s the Well of Radiance where Warlocks can stab their fiery sword into the ground to buff teammates.

Next are the Hunters. Gunslingers are getting Blade Barrage AKA flaming kunai. Nightstalkers get Spectral Blades which are two daggers made of void energy which is very reminiscent of one of the original Destiny supers. Arcstriders are able to twirl that staff now and deflect incoming projectiles with their new Whirlwind Guard super.

Finally, Titans. Sunbreakers are getting an even bigger hammer now, with the ability to create fiery whirlwinds and ground pounds. Sentinels have received a new mobile shield in the form of the Banner Shield super, which allows friendly bullets but blocks unfriendly ones. Last but not least, Striker Titans are now able to use Thundercrash, which turns them into an arc-filled missile.

You can check out more details about each super, as well as information on each subclasses new abilities in the trailers below.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can check out our review-in-progress here.

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