A Destiny 2: Forsaken Player has Unlocked the Entire Warlock Raid Set–Before the Raid

A Destiny 2: Forsaken Player has Unlocked the Entire Warlock Raid Set–Before the Raid

One Destiny 2: Forsaken player has put a ton of time into an exploit in order to acquire a full set of Raid gear before the Raid's release this Friday.

If you’re playing Destiny 2: Forsaken right now, you’re probably aware that some players are going to crazy lengths to prepare for the release of the Raid this Friday, September 14. One player has gone so far as to level–at least–9 characters to level 50.

There’s currently a glitch that is allowing players to enter the Raid ahead of schedule. It involves a bit of a jump puzzle, though it was never intended by developers. Once players are inside, there aren’t any enemies spawned, however, exploring the Raid ahead of time has led many players to find a Raid chest that can be opened.

Because the Raid isn’t out yet, however, the gear isn’t dropping with Raid-specific perks, and the chest isn’t only dropping certain pieces. It’s dropping everything (weapons, armor, ghost shells, bonds). The chest can currently only be accessed once on each character.

A Reddit user by the name of aase458 has posted an image of a Warlock with Raid gear in every slot. That means the player had to have created (and deleted) enough characters to be lucky enough to get every slot of Raid gear. That could mean leveling as few as 9 characters to max level if they had perfect luck, but likely it required many more. It is an insane amount of dedication to a glitch for a reward that is, currently, only cosmetically good. Its light level is low and has no raid-specific perks.

Destiny 2: Forsaken released on September 4 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can read our review-in-progress here, and check out our full review after the release of the Raid this weekend.

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