Destiny 2’s “Next Chapter” to be Unveiled by Bungie Next Week

Destiny 2’s “Next Chapter” to be Unveiled by Bungie Next Week

Bungie is ready to reveal what it has in store for Destiny 2 moving forward.

In the aftermath of Bungie and Activision splitting up earlier this year, many wondered what would become of Destiny 2 in its current form and how the game would continue to evolve moving forward. Well, it seems like Bungie is now finally prepared to answer that question.

In a new tweet from Bungie earlier today, it was divulged that more information regarding what’s up next for Destiny 2 is set to be announced next week. “Tune in for the reveal of the next chapter of Destiny 2,” said the image that was shared by Bungie on Twitter. Whatever is going to be shown here is set to be unveiled next week on Thursday, June 6, at 1pm EST/10am PST.

As for what is going to actually be unveiled here, you’d have to imagine the road map for the next year of content coming to Destiny 2 will be announced. For now, content coming to Destiny 2 has only been revealed to take place through the end of August which will mark the end of the first annual pass cycle. You’d have to imagine that Bungie will then kick off another cycle similar to this full of more content that will stagger out over a specific span of time.

By far my favorite part of this tease today though is that Bungie shared this information mere minutes before Activision was set to reveal Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Maybe I’m just reading too much into things, but it definitely seems like Bungie was intentionally trying to be petty and I kind of love it.

Anyway, we’ll keep you posted more next week once we hear more about what Bungie has to say about the future of Destiny 2.