Destiny 2 Isn’t Leaving Blizzard’s BattleNet Launcher Anytime Soon

Destiny 2 Isn’t Leaving Blizzard’s BattleNet Launcher Anytime Soon

Despite Activision and Bungie parting ways, BattleNet will still host Destiny 2 on its launcher for the foreseeable future.

This has been a huge week for news regarding Activision and if you’re a fan of Destiny, you’ll be happy to know that Bungie has regained sole ownership over the Destiny IP. Despite the breakup, Blizzard has announced that Destiny 2 will continue to be supported on BattleNet for the foreseeable future.

Blizzard confirmed that Destiny 2 wouldn’t be homeless on Twitter.

The game is the first in the series to be available on PC, but it would also be the first non-Blizzard game to launch on the BattleNet launcher. Activision’s control over Blizzard has grown more prevalent in recent months, with the Co-Founder and former President, Mike Morhaime, stepping down to work as an advisor back in October. Morhaime is set to depart the company for good in April.

Activision also hosts Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on the BattleNet launcher.

Since Bungie is assuming the publishing responsibilities for Destiny, it’s unclear where the next entry in the series will be hosted. Bungie could develop their own launcher, release the title on Steam, or make the decision to move to the Epic Games Store.

It’s been interesting to play Destiny 2 on BattleNet, being able to see what other Blizzard games my friends were playing and message them easily in-game. Steam’s overlay provides a similar service but the ease-of-use of the BattleNet client can’t be understated.

Wherever Destiny 3 ends up, let’s hope that Destiny LFG is integrated into the game somehow. My clan is solid, but I really would appreciate not having to jump back and forth between my browser to find people to play end-game content with.

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