Destiny 2 Loud Lullaby Hand Cannon - How To Get & Weapon Stats

Here's how to get the brand new Hand Cannon in Destiny 2!

By Kyle Knight

July 7, 2021

The Solstice of Heroes event has officially begun in Destiny 2, and it features a brand new Hand Cannon known as the ‘Loud Lullaby’. There are a few different steps required to get your hands on it though.

A new Hand Cannon isn’t the only new thing in the Solstice of Heroes event, players are also able to get their hands on a brand new Legendary Shotgun, Exotic Ghost Shell, Emblem, and plenty of Solstice Packages. Check out the link below to find out how to get the Compass Rose Shotgun.

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Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer – Solstice of Heroes Trailer

Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer – Solstice of Heroes Trailer

Loud Lullaby – Info & Stats

The Loud Lullaby Hand Cannon was introduced in the 2021 event, Solstice of Heroes. It is a Legendary weapon that features high damage and high recoil, but is optimized for long-distance shooting. The projectiles shot from the Loud Lullaby create an area-of-effect detonation on impact. Players can check out the weapon stats below.

Weapon Stats

  • Impact = 92
  • Rangfe = 58
  • Stability = 25
  • Handling = 32
  • Reload Speed = 31
  • Rounds Per Minute = 120
  • Magazine Size = 8

Hidden Stats

  • Aim Assistance = 60
  • Inventory Size = 48
  • Zoom = 14
  • Recoil = 98
  • Bounce Destiny = 2
  • Bounce Direction = Tends Vertical

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Loud Lullaby – How To Get

So, how do you get this high damaging Hand Cannon? Well, there’s a few steps to complete.

First, open up your quests from the main menu and head to the quest titled “Essence of Brutality“. This information for this quest states:

“Cleansing this Essence will grant a piece of gear. Complete patrols, public event, and Lost Sectors across the Moon, defeat enemies with Hand Cannons, and collect the Necromantic Strand in the Hall of Wisdom to cleanse this Essence.”

There are then 3 steps for players to complete:

  • Complete Activites
  • Hand Cannon Kills (0/50)
  • Find The Necromantic Strand Found

The first two are fairly simple, complete enough activities to take the percentage of task 1 to 100%. Then, get 50 kills with any Hand Cannon. The third and final step is the trickier one.

Make sure you’re on the Moon, then head slightly northeast of Archer’s Line. Players will need to locate an entrance into a cave which will lead them into the Hall of Wisdom, inside the centre of this hall is a weapon part on the ground that players can pick up. Simply locate the weapon part inside of the cave, pick it up, and the task is complete.

For a visual guide on finding the Hall of Wisdom, check out MillGaming’s YouTube guide on getting the Loud Lullaby in Destiny 2.

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