Destiny 2 Mends Progression Woes, Aids Colorblind Gamers in New Update

Destiny 2 Mends Progression Woes, Aids Colorblind Gamers in New Update

Destiny 2's latest update adds a lot of promised features, including progression tweaks, Raid reward modifications, Masterwork armor, and more.

It appears that Bungie is making their first big step in fixing the troubled progression system of Destiny 2 that cause a PR stir a few months ago. Encased in a larger content update that rolls out today, Bungie has cut the amount of experience required to get an Illuminated Engram by 25%, from 160k to 120k experience points.

The original concern for this progression system started in November, when eagle-eyed gamers began noticing that rewards promised weren’t matching what they were actually earning. This created a minor uproar among the dedicated Destiny 2 community, many believing that the change was made to entice gamers to pick up the (cosmetic) loot boxes from the Eververse. Bungie later acknowledged those concerns, going as far as saying that they “recognize that the scales are tipped too far towards” the microtransaction-heavy market.

Of course, this isn’t the only change in what is a notably big update for Destiny 2. Baked into this content drop are two other majorly-promised features: Masterwork Armor and Raid reward modifications.

How has the Raid reward system been reworked? Following this update, the Raid will now drop at least one armor or one weapon item — a drop that was not necessarily guaranteed before this patch. Bungie has also added a new exotic ghost, raid armor-specific mods that work within the raid, and a rotating shop from Benedict 99-40 that will be available each week.

Additionally, Masterwork Armor is now a thing — Legendary Armor can now drop as Masterwork Armor, granting 3% damage resistance and improved stats. Any Legendary Armor can be upgrade to Masterwork, provided you have enough Masterwork Cores and Legendary Shards to make that upgrade.

One other noteworthy addition is that colorblind settings will apply to the Gauntlet encounter of the Leviathan raid — something that has been a continued community request from those afflicted for some time. The challenge involves colored rings that have green and red, something that red-green colorblind persons cannot easily distinguish. For a better idea, you can check out the video from YouTuber Datto:

Beyond that, there are plenty of other changes that you can check at Bungie’s official blogDestiny 2 is available immediately for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.