Destiny 2 Preview -- Inside a Lost Sector and Loot Farming 2.0

Destiny 2 is introducing Lost Sectors, new discover able locations that reward a keen eye and a good shot, here's what we thought of them.

By Noah Buttner

August 24, 2017

I got flown out to Washington state last week and shacked up in a hotel provided by Activision in order to preview Destiny 2. While there I spent almost 30 hours learning all I could about the game in preparation for my review. I was also able to capture footage and I’d like to take some time to talk about Lost Sectors.

Lost Sectors are new additions in Destiny 2. Think of them as the original Destiny’s equivalent to running into a doorway to see if there was a chest except much, much more exciting. To begin a Lost Sector, a Guardian need only to walk into the cave, crevice, or building where the symbol is located and proceed through the instance. Lost Sectors can be seen on the destinations map, in this case the European Dead Zone (“EDZ”), or you could stumble upon them the way my Fireteam did.

We explored Shaft 13, a Lost Sector hidden in the remains of a mining facility in the EDZ. We were actually in the middle of completing a Heroic Public Event when, during the firefight, the symbol on the wall caught my eye. Once we were together we made our way down. After a short walk, we found ourselves face-to-face with Fallen Vandals, Dregs, and Wretches as the cavern opened up to reveal the hideout they had created there.

After dispatching a horde of Fallen, we were met with an elite Scarred Captain named Calzar. Even after dumping several Golden Gun shots into him, he wasn’t giving up. Finally, after he was defeated, we received the cache code and the chest above us unlocked, providing us with that sweet sweet loot. For me, this came in the form of a rare piece of armor, an EDZ token (which serves to increase reputation in the EDZ with Devrim Kay), and 700 Glimmer. “Lost Sector looted” flashed on our screens.

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The best way for me to describe Lost Sectors is “short and sweet.” The encounters don’t take too long, depending on your power level, but there’s a sense of satisfaction with not only locating the Lost Sector, but exploring its depths. They are scattered all over and provide players with a break from the overworld and a chance to unlock a reward for a meaningful task. After being completed, the Lost Sector grays out in the destination map, but as I learned from my gameplay, they can be repeated (I’m sure it won’t take long for someone to devise a Lost Sector loot run to efficiently farm tokens).

There is also a great sense of satisfaction when you find them by accident. In my case I was neck deep in Fallen when I saw the symbol out of the corner of my eye. We even had trouble finding one even with the aid of the destination map, so Guardians who are hoping to explore them all won’t simply have a cake walk. Lost Sectors are just another example of the many things there are to do while patrolling the planet in Destiny 2.

In addition to the newly redesigned Public Events, both normal and Heroic, there’s a lot more to do when traveling from point A to point B and I think that’s something that players are really going to appreciate.

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