Destiny 2 TWAB Summary (May 12): Iron Banner Overhaul in Season 17

Iron Banner gets some tweaks!

May 12, 2022

Bungie officially shared some important information on the next season of Destiny 2 in this week’s TWAB post series.

Destiny 2 players can expect a huge overhaul for Iron Banner mode in Destiny 2 Season 17 as Bungie tries to make more straightforward for newcomers.

The developer is planning to bring a new reward system for Iron Banner as of next season as well as a brand new PvP map and some important changes to the playable mode and requirements of the festival.

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Furthermore, Bungie revealed some changes coming to Gambit that will make it a smoother experience compared to other game modes such as Crucible.

Check out the details down below.

Destiny 2 TWAB: Iron Banner Will Be Available Twice a Season

First of all, Bungie revealed some core changes in Iron Banner that will be implemented in the game with arrival of Season 17. In order to make Iron Banner experience less confusing and more accessible to new players, Bungie will disable Power Level in Iron Banner.

Moreover, Bungie will bring back the Rift mode to Iron Banner, and they plan to switch modes every season to diversify the PvP experience. It might get a brand new mode in upcoming seasons as well.

Bungie is replacing the Iron Banner tokens with Iron Banner Engrams, which can be earned by progressing through a brand new ranking system dedicated to Iron Banner. The higher your rank goes, the more Engrams you receive to unlock cosmtic items and materials as rewards. These Engrams can also be transformed into Iron Banner weapons or armor sets.

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Aside from the rewards, Iron Banner veterans who dedicate a huge amount of time for this PvP festival will be able to get the “Iron Lord” title at the end of the season. Players will need to spend between 15 to 20 hours in Iron Banner each season to get this title.

From now on, Iron Banner will be available twice a season. For Season 17, Iron Banner will be live during Week 2 (starting on May 31) and Week 8 (starting on July 12).

Last but not least, there will be a brand new map for Iron Banner in Season 17, which is one of the largest maps built by Bungie so far. The new map is called Disjunction and will be available for all Crucible and Iron Banner matches.

The Iron Banner overhaul is the biggest part of this week’s TWAB post, but there are also some other things changes ahead that you can read through them briefly down below. If you need more details, make sure to check out the official TWAB post here:

New Gambit Adjustments:

  • We increased the base reputation gain for a match to 75, up from 50. 
  • We increased the value of each streak to 20 per streak, up from 15. 

Ritual Reputation Streak Balancing:

  • The activity streak now takes the sum of streak values across the four reputations (Crucible/Gambit/strikes/Dares) and adjusts them to a maximum of 5 total. If you complete a match that would bring the sum of these over 5, it subtracts a point from the streak of every ritual besides the one you just played. Most importantly, entering any non-ritual activity has no effect.

Grandmaster Rejoin:

  • Starting in Season 17, if you get error-coded out of a non-matchmade Nightfall (any level), you will now rejoin after login.

Iron Banner Token Deactivation:

  • With the start of Season 17, any Iron Banner tokens that are in a player’s inventory will be deprecated and no longer available to exchange for Iron Banner gear. Players should exchange their Iron Banner tokens at Lord Saladin in the Tower prior to the weekly reset at 10 AM on May 17.

Known Issues:

  • The Cunning of the Contender Warlock robes displays a different texture in the armor preview than it does when equipped. 
  • The Way of the Glaive bounty only progresses when using Deepsight weapons. 
  • The Heavy Handed Mod doesn’t work with unique Exotic weapons. 
  • The Father’s Sins Sniper Rifle is missing some textures at the end of the weapon when viewing in first person. 
  • Players can’t perform a finisher for a certain amount of time if they use their Super and have a mod equipped that consumes Super energy. 

Destiny 2 is now available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Stadia, and PC.

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