Destiny 2’s Next Update Receives Minor Change; Faction Rallies Return

Destiny 2’s Next Update Receives Minor Change; Faction Rallies Return

Destiny 2's 1.1.4 update will not include Heroic Strike Modifiers. The feature is expected to debut in May with Update 1.2.0.

The next patch for Destiny 2, Update 1.1.4, is upon us. In just two weeks, Bungie will be bringing a slew of changes to Crucible and the game’s sandbox. However, one of its features will not be ready in time for the update’s release.

Heroic Strike Modifiers will now be pushed to Update 1.2.0, which is set to release in May. According to Bungie’s latest update of its development roadmap, the delay is due to a “major issue” that was found late in development. The extra time will allow the developer to add “more variety” to the Heroic Modifiers than what was initially planned.

For those who want to know what’s happening with Destiny 2 in the short term, Faction Rallies are coming back. Starting at 10 am PDT on Tuesday, March 20, you’ll be able to join Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, or Future War Cult to earn new weapons. Faction Rallies ends on April 3 and will be the last time the event occurs during Season 2.

Destiny 2 initially released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September 2017; the PC version launched about a month later. Since then, it has received plenty of new updates and content including Curse of Osiris, the game’s first expansion.

Destiny 2‘s 1.1.4 update is set to launch on March 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out our review to see what we thought of the game.