SuperData: Destiny 2 Will Sell 5 Million Copies Digitally in its First Three Months

SuperData: Destiny 2 Will Sell 5 Million Copies Digitally in its First Three Months

It will be raining digital copies of Destiny 2 this fall on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, according to SuperData.

According to research firm SuperData, Destiny 2 is going to sell 5 million copies digitally across PS4, PC, and Xbox One within its first three months on the market.

That’s right, the leading provider of marketing intelligence for the playable-media and digital-games industry (that’s a mouthful), SuperData, estimates based off its research that the upcoming sequel to the immensely popular Destiny will sell between 4 and 5 million digital units. Digitally. Aka this doesn’t include estimations for what it will sell at retail as well. Aka (again) Destiny 2 will once again be a really, really big deal if you’re asking SuperData. They’re probably right.

In developing its forecast, SuperData (according to SuperData) is said to have evaluated the performance of how the OG Destiny did on console compared to other AAA titles that launched within the same time period. The forecast also is said to take into account the expected early September launch date of the title (this isn’t specified as a pro or con..), the impact of Battlenet on the PC release, and the macro-level digital download trends.


The sales forecast will be updated on a monthly basis factoring in pre-sales milestones, such as release dates and trailer announcements, as well as the start of beta demos, which are said to be especially important in predicting sales. Alas, it’s important to remember these are just predictions very researched, and likely pretty accurate predictions, but predictions nonetheless.

Destiny 2 is set to release on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th, and on PC on October 24th, with an Open Beta planned on July 18th and 19th.

In other recent and related news, a new Destiny 2 PS4 Pro bundle has been revealed, making it the first special edition PS4 Pro to hit the mass market.