Destiny 2 Xur's Location and Loot: He's Got Some Sweet Business to Take Care of This October 20 - 24

Xur has something nice for you this weekend in Destiny 2, including an Auto Rifle that will help you take care of whatever business you've got with joy.

October 20, 2017

It’s that time of the week again, and Destiny 2‘s Xur is back to business in more ways than one. So, what does the mysterious exotics vendor have in-stock this weekend? Well, first let’s figure out where to find him.

From October 20 through October 24, Destiny 2 players will be able to find Xur hanging about on Titan, just East of The Rig fast-travel location. As seems to be the norm, what you find there may or may not excite you, though. Here’s what he’s offering:


Seeing repeated wares from Xur has become commonplace, but we’ve got two this weekend. We’ve seen Raiden Flux and Doom Fang Pauldrons before (in, fact both from Xur’s first weekend on Destiny 2), but if you haven’t picked one of these up for their respective class, then don’t let the repetition dissuade you. Raiden Flux is a must-buy for Hunter’s looking to extend their Arc Staff super, and Doom Fang Pauldrons are a sweet Titan Sentinel pick. Plus, those pauldrons look badass!

The non-repeats for the weekend are certainly worth a glance as well. Winter’s Guile will have Voidwalker Warlocks punching a the room to death in no-time. Of course, you’ve likely heard of the Sweet Business Auto Rifle if you haven’t seen a few for yourself already. Although not perfect for every situation, holding down the trigger and lighting it up rarely feels as much fun as with this weapon.

Destiny 2 will soon be on its way to PC on October 24, but before then you’ll be able to pre-download the game via Curious about whether your PC can handle the game? Here are the system requirements you’ll want to watch out for.

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