Watch Bungie’s Destiny 2: Year 2 Reveal Livestream Right Here

Watch Bungie’s Destiny 2: Year 2 Reveal Livestream Right Here

Bungie is officially revealing what is in store for Destiny 2 in its second year, and you can take a look at what is being announced right here.

Destiny 2 has continued to expand and provide players with new missions and challenges since its launch back in September, and now Bungie is about to show its playerbase what’s coming next as the game is about to enter “Year 2.”

Today, Bungie is set to officially unveil its next upcoming expansion and “Year 2” for Destiny 2, which just recently was confirmed to be called “Forsaken.” As the teaser video for the expansion implied, you can expect that Forsaken will introduce a ton of new content for Destiny 2, though what exactly it is remains to be seen.

The stream officially begins at 9am PT/12pm ET over on Bungie’s YouTube and Twitch channels. You can find the Twitch stream embedded below for a closer look at what the studio has in store for its ever-expanding shooter. Aside from the reveal of the game’s next expansion, you can most likely expect a closer look at new story missions, PvP content in the Crucible, and perhaps maybe a glimpse at a new Raid or other high-level content for players.

Destiny 2 is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you have yet to pick up the game, you can grab it for consoles or PC via Amazon.

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