Destiny Age of Triumph Update Brings Back a Fan Favorite Line

We all remember Peter Dinklage once was the voice actor for Destiny's ghost, right? Yeah, Bungie does too. The latest Age of Triumph update has a little tidbit that will ensure no one forgets.

on March 29, 2017 11:31 PM

Yesterday, Destiny‘s Age of Triumph update released with a plethora of reasons for players to return to Destiny or maybe give it one last stroll before Destiny 2‘s ever-present shadow catches up. It’s bittersweet for some and uneventful for others, but one little easter egg shows that Bungie can still have a laugh over how far the game has come.

Back before 2015’s The Taken King expansion brought the soothing voice of Nolan North as the player’s ghost companion, Peter Dinklage was the name tied to the game’s narration. Even further back than that, in the game’s Alpha version, Dinklage’s voice was remembered as exclaiming “That wizard came from the Moon!” Unsurprisingly, that line didn’t make it past the Alpha, as players found it to be rather silly in its delivery and its writing.

However, since Age of Triumph’s release, those vigilant folks on reddit have found that the original line that was in the game’s Alpha has since been reintroduced, but with a slight reworking. Now, when Dinklage’s line is complete, North’s follows it by coughing and adding “from the moon, came from the moon.”

If you want to hear the line yourself, all you have to do is boot up Destiny‘s The Dark Within mission and knock that wizard back to where it came from.

In case you were wondering, some big news regarding Destiny 2‘s release is on its way March 30.

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