Destiny and Titanfall Community Teams Will Fight it Out This Saturday in an Epic Battle of Titans

on July 14, 2014 6:08 PM

Titanfall and Destiny are definitely two of the biggest shooters released this year, and looks like the respective communities are planning to battle for supremacy in the old fashioned way before official sales numbers decide which game will be the commercial victor.

The and communities are organizing two teams led by Respawn moderator Zython and Bungie community member Burritosenior. This Saturday at 4 PM PDT, they’ll face off in a series of Titanfall matches on Xbox One, with a rematch on Destiny planned after the release of the game. 

The matches will be livestreamed here and will be livestreamed on Zython’s Twitch channel.

Here’s the list of matches, and the teams’ rosters.

1: CTF: Training Ground.
-Respawn & Bungie bases launch a full scale attack to capture the other’s flag as ceasefire agreements fail
2: Pilot Hunter: Angel City
-The aftermath of the flag theft has left Respawn & Bungie forces seeking to assassinate opposing pilots
3: Last Titan Standing: Demeter
-In order to cripple eachother’s Titan supply, Respawn & Bungie forces engage in heavy warfare
4: Hardpoint: Outpost 207
-The final battle for control of orbital defense cannons will turn the tide of the war
5: Tungle (infinite titans): Colony
-Respawn & Bungie forces have secured infinite funds from an anonymous donor, and plan to use every cent

-Zython (GT: zython)
-LordPuck (GT: LordPuck)
-AshenWolf (GT: Ashen Wolf)
-Bassani (GT: Bassani 079)
-HotJuicyPie (GT: Hot Juicy Pie)

-CAT4 (GT: CAT4)
-JTR277 (GT: JTR277)

-burritosenior (GT: burritosenior)
-Hylebos (GT: Hylebos)
-Fridge Gnome (GT: Fridge Gnome)
-Viperconn (GT: Viperconn)
-Braydzz (GT: Braydzz)

-Im Here To Help (GT: Jaywalkas)
-Said teh Beat (GT: Said teh Bear)

Of course you’re all invited to visit the livestream and to cheer for your favorite team. Who will win? We’ll know on Saturday.

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