Destiny Beta Giveaway: Grab these Last-Minute PS4 and PS3 Codes (UPDATED)

Destiny Beta Giveaway: Grab these Last-Minute PS4 and PS3 Codes (UPDATED)

If you still didn’t pre-order Destiny and didn’t have any luck at previous giveaways or with asking your friends, here’s another chance.

We have ten sixteen more codes for you. Three are for the PS3 beta and seven thirteen for the PS4 beta. No waiting or F5-mashing involved this time around. One shot. First come first serve. I’m sure you guys and gals waited enough already.

Without further ado, here’s the list. All codes are for the North American version, to be redeemed directly on the PSN.


  • FN6H-2TN8-JC3A
  • CB6A-77NE-6DEH
  • HMQ5-L8N6-KMKE


  • M9CJ-AKN5-Q328
  • HB3R-L8ND-32NK
  • CP6A-BHN7-FJL4
  • 7D63-CDNN-63RN
  • CL2Q-63N9-AJ3E
  • A8HM-GCNG-48ER
  • JNCL-29NA-G2C6

Update: we managed to get six more PS4 codes for your perusal. Enjoy!

  • L964-5CNP-JRM8
  • 4QG3-LPNG-PL8K
  • 6KLF-PTNE-9GR9
  • GM8D-8CNH-7D29
  • 46H6-D3N8-4EDP

Update 2: three more PS4 codes to keep the love going.

  • JG5M-JKN3-3M5T
  • 47F3-72N5-J3GJ

If any code doesn’t work, don’t keep trying. Someone probably grabbed it before you did, and too many attempts could get you locked out for a few hours.

Also, if you manage to redeem one, please do post it in a comment, so that others don’t waste time trying.

Finally, if you have codes of your own you don’t know how to assign, do feel free to share them below. No selling please. Free codes only.

That’s all. Enjoy the beta and check out our livestreamed coverage here.