Destiny Beta will NOT be Open to all PlayStation Plus Members (UPDATED)

Destiny Beta will NOT be Open to all PlayStation Plus Members (UPDATED)

Update: Community Manager Chris Owen had to break news that many won’t like, and just did so on Twitter.

The Destiny Beta will be available via pre-order only. The blog post is worded incorrectly and will be amended

That’s one hell of an “incorrect wording,” in any case there you have it, straight from the lion mouth. The original article can be read below.


Gamers who are still on the fence about pre-ordering Destiny are going to have a chance to test out the game when the beta launches on July 17th.  Originally, the beta was only going to be for users who pre-ordered the game, however Sony Computer Entertainment has now announced that anyone with a PlayStation Plus membership will be able to join in on the fun.

Not only are we bringing you a great mix of games but there’s also the Destiny beta, which kicks off on 17th July exclusively on PlayStation. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member you will be able to fully experience Destiny and its incredible multiplayer. And if you’re not? Well, what are you waiting for, sign up now!

So if you’re a PlayStation Plus member and you still haven’t found your Destiny, you’ll get the chance to do so starting next month, only on PS4.