Destiny Chronicles Developer Explains How the Game Is Like Kingdom Hearts

Visualnoveler's Kingdom Hearts-like title, Destiny Chronicles, gets a few new details on how the game's combat is so similar to Square Enix's Disney epic.

Recently, we told you about Destiny Chronicles, a game with combat that has been described by its developer, Visualnoveler, as being similar to Kingdom Hearts.

Recently, Siliconera interviewed Visualnoveler on this topic to further understand what about the game’s combat is like Square Enix’s Disney crossover series. Although Destiny Chronicles does not feature a menu, the developer says that its game’s combat is most similar to the original Kingdom Hearts in that it allows players to choose between a melee or ranged style for its main character, features a hack and slash system, and gives players the opportunity to select a set of active skills (about six to nine) as the story progresses.

The game’s main character, Celeste, will have three skill trees to invest in over the course of the game: melee, magic, and endurance. Melee will focus on her abilities as a knight, improving physical attacks and statistics. Magic will be her primary source of ranged combat. Endurance will generally make Celeste a more powerful and healthy warrior.

Celeste will also receive companions Ruby and Valana, who will be AI-controlled support units during the game’s real-time combat. Fans of Kingdom Hearts are likely to recognize these characters as filling the roles of Donald and Goofy. Their tactics and active skills will also be customizable.

Destiny Chronicles focuses on Celeste, a young squire who embarks on an adventure to prove herself as a “true knight.” When she and her companions decide to pursue a thief far from home, she learns more about her world and more about the terrible plot against it.

The game’s main characters will banter over the course of their journey together, but they will also evolve as the player engages in optional conversations and as the main story develops. Visualnoveler says that it has striven to make these characters feel significant to the player.

“We’re working to give each of the main characters a fleshed out backstory, sympathetic motivations, and developed personalities. Optional conversations and character development should help players to get to know these characters and become attached to them.”

Destiny Chronicles will feature gameplay elements such as the ability to enchant gear with magic relics, opportunities to take various side quests and activities, and the ability to explore the towns, dungeons, and fields of Darencia, the world that Celeste and her companions inhabit.

Destiny Chronicles is still in early development for PC (shortly followed by PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita) and is expected to get begin a Kickstarter campaign soon. For more information about Destiny Chronicles, check out the game’s official website.

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