Destiny Connect Second Trailer Shows More Battles, Story

Destiny Connect, 3D time-travel JRPG with a turn-based battle system by Nippon Ichi Software gets its second full-length trailer.

February 7, 2019

Nippon Ichi Software published the second full-length trailer for Destiny Connect, upcoming time-travel and robots themed JRPG.

This second trailer goes over Destiny Connect‘s story, with protagonist Sherry and her friend Pegleo traveling in time with Isaac the robot, to prevent time from stopping when their world reached AD 2000. The trailer also confirms that two of the characters Sherry meet in the past, Truth and Aria, are indeed her parents, something I guessed in previous articles, making the Back to the Future vibes even stronger. Truth will also join Sherry’s party, along with the mysterious sword-wielding boy from the future whose name we don’t know yet.


We also learn through the narration how the evil robots Sherry is fighting can steal people’s souls, and how Sherry will try to change the past but will be unable to prevent certain tragedies. As I already explained, while Destiny Connect is rated Cero A in Japan, meaning anyone can play it, and despite the childish-like atmosphere of the game, you shouldn’t necessarily expect a childish story.

I’m quite excited about what we’ve seen of Destiny Connect so far, and will definitely get the game when it launches in Japan. When the game was announced in Famitsu, Director Yoshihiko Toda said in his comments he wants Destiny Connect to be a good Snes RPG but made with current technology and with 3D graphics. Hopefully, the game won’t be another Octopath Traveler or I am Setsuna, promising big things and failing miserably.

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Destiny Connect will launch for PS4 and Switch in Japan on March 14, following a short delay. The game wasn’t announced outside the Archipel yet but there’s a high chance it’ll come over, seeing Nippon Ichi Software’s record. Company president Sohei Niikawa also said they tried to make the game’s character design appealing to many people around the world, so maybe it’s a hint it’s coming.

Iyane Agossah

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