Destiny Engram Farming: What to Do After the Treasure Cave Nerf? Farm the Treasure Cave

Destiny Engram Farming: What to Do After the Treasure Cave Nerf? Farm the Treasure Cave

Yesterday Bungie nerfed the Cosmodrome’s “treasure cave” in Destiny, but if you’re one of the orphans of the beloved loot and engram cornucopia, fear not, as today I bring you a farming method that’s almost as good:

Farm the treasure cave.

No. I’m not joking. Bungie may have thought they nerfed it, but they didn’t nerf it nearly enough to prevent the magical cave where the stars align from being the best farming spot of the game.

The patch notes are a little vague, and seem to indicate that the Hive in the cave have been completely removed:

The Hive of the holy “Treasure Cave” have realized the futility of their endless assault on Skywatch and have retired to lick their wounds and plan their next attack.

Only, they haven’t. They just spawn at a slower pace. To be precise every 40 seconds after they’ve been killed. This means that while the farming won’t be as profitable as it was before, it’s still plenty desirable, and will grant you a ton of engrams and loot anyway.


The area is the usual one, but if you still don’t know about it, you can find it past the first section of the Skywatch, where the Hive and the Fallen are battling each other. The cave is the one just under the entrance to the second section of the Skywatch. The one into which you head to reach the communication array.


In order to kick off the farmfest, make sure that every Hive around the cave is dead. If they’re left alive they’ll block the spawn. Then position yourself in front of the cave. You shouldn’t be too near to avoid blocking the spawn yourself, but anywhere behind the concrete blocks will be ok.

After a few seconds two waves of Hive accolites and thralls will spawn. Kill them all. If your aim sucks and you miss some (it’s really hard to miss them) they’ll line up on the slope on the right. Don’t let them run away. If they do you’ll have to pursue and exterminate them, or no more will spawn.

The most efficient method is to kill one wave with the first clip, then reload quickly, and then finish the second wave with a new clip. You can also open with a rocket as an alternative, and finish the second wave with your primary weapon.

If someone else comes and starts farming the same spot, invite him to your fire team. That way your kills will be combined instead of competing.


After 40 seconds from the last kill, two more waves will come. Kill them, then rinse and repeat until you’re completely out of ammo. Make a run for it to the cave. Grab the loot and the ammunition on the ground (There should be more than enough to refill all your weapons), and repeat the process as long as you like.

If you think this isn’t worth it anymore, think again. When Bungie nerfed the cave, they went at it the wrong way. Its true advantage wasn’t that the Hive spawned very frequently (of course that was definitely sweet, but it wasn’t the whole story), but the fact that they spawn all bunched up and can only come out in one direction. Killing them all without moving and without shifting your aim by much is extremely easy and efficient.

Making a simple calculation, it takes about 6 seconds to kill the two waves. Add to that the 40 seconds cooldown, and you get to kill 10 enemies every 46 seconds without the slightest effort. This means that in one hour of farming you’ll kill about 800 enemies. In my case, it netted 9 blue engrams and about 25 green items the last time I tried.

That’s better than anywhere else, as every other spot requires you to move or to shift your aim considerably, while farming in strikes or missions now isn’t viable anymore, as it requires you to die, and death lowers the engram drop rate temporarily.


The fun part is that it isn’t even that monotonous. Every 30 minutes you’ll see a message that advises that your enemies are about to fight each other, and a massive battle between the Hive and the Fallen will start. It’ll spawn some rather big enemies up to the Hallowed Knight level, and those have a very nice chance to drop more engram and loot, and they also give you a nice handful of glimmer. What’s not to love?

To conclude, yes, the treasure cave has been nerfed, but many have been too hasty in abandoning it. The nerf isn’t nearly as crippling as you may think. Give it a try, and you’ll notice that it’s still one of the most profitable, if not the most profitable activity in the game.

Update: if your aim is good, you can also use the newly discovered cave (actually a door) which has been discovered, but require shooting quite far and a good scout rifle.