Destiny Mobile Game Is Reportedly In The Works In A Partnership With NetEase

A first-person shooter game on mobile!

July 5, 2022

Bungie is apparently partnering with the Chinese company, NetEase, to deliver a new Destiny experience on mobile.

According to a recent report by The Game Post, the LinkedIn profile of an artist working for NetEase hints at an unannounced FPS project from Bungie and NetEase for mobile.

While the artist’s profile doesn’t directly indicate that the project is a Destiny game, a source familiar with the NetEase projects has anonymously told The Game Post that it is indeed set in the Destiny universe, though it apparently doesn’t have any direct ties with Destiny 2. Moreover, the source has also confirmed that the game has been in development for over two years.


Worked on the Halo series as well as Destiny, Bungie has never launched a mobile game so far. However, with the increasing popularity of Destiny 2 over the recent years, it is not surprising to see Bungie planning to expand the Destiny universe over as many platforms as they can.

Prior to this report, Bungie had already posted a number of openings for roles directly related to mobile gaming. However, this report even sheds more light on what the studio has been working on in the last few years.

Earlier this year, Bungie was officially acquired by Sony, but the developer indicated that they will still secure its rights to launch multiplatform games, despite becoming a part of PlayStation Studios.

Thus far, Bungie has not revealed any exclusive projects for PlayStation consoles, and the upcoming mobile game doesn’t seem to have any ties with Sony, regarding the fact that it is a joint project from NetEase and Bungie.

While we have no clue when we can expect the Destiny mobile game to release, we might actually get an official announcement from Bungie soon, as the project has been in development long enough.

Currently, Bungie is fully focused on Destiny 2, and the developers are hard at work on Lightfall expansion earlier next year. After the highly-acclaimed launch of The Witch Queen, the most recent expansion of Destiny 2, fans have high hopes for Lightfall.

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