Destiny PS4 vs PS3 Beta Screenshot Comparison Shows How a Cross-Gen Game Should Be Made

Destiny PS4 vs PS3 Beta Screenshot Comparison Shows How a Cross-Gen Game Should Be Made

When a game is announced as cross-generation between PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s easy to understand why many that moved to the current generation of consoles feel a measure of their excitement ebb away. Cross-generation games tend to penalize the current generation platforms rather heavily in order to accommodate the restriction of the old ones.

Below you can see an extensive gallery with 22 screenshots of the beta taken on PS4 and PS3 (PS4 on top and PS3 below it in each pairing) in order to easily see the difference between the two platforms. Of course you should click on each screenshots to see them at their full resolution.

With each screenshots we attempted to reproduce the angle and position as close as possible, and the lighting condition as well. Of course there’s a degree of variation, but it’s pretty minimal.

Destiny Beta_PS4_22 Destiny Beta_PS3_22

Destiny Beta_PS4_21 Destiny Beta_PS3_21

Destiny Beta_PS4_20 Destiny Beta_PS3_20

Destiny Beta_PS4_19 Destiny Beta_PS3_19

Destiny Beta_PS4_18 Destiny Beta_PS3_18

Destiny Beta_PS4_17 Destiny Beta_PS3_17

Destiny Beta_PS4_16 Destiny Beta_PS3_16

Destiny Beta_PS4_15 Destiny Beta_PS3_15

Destiny Beta_PS4_14 Destiny Beta_PS3_14

Destiny Beta_PS4_13 Destiny Beta_PS3_13

Destiny Beta_PS4_12 Destiny Beta_PS3_12

Destiny Beta_PS4_11 Destiny Beta_PS3_11

Destiny Beta_PS4_10 Destiny Beta_PS3_10

Destiny Beta_PS4_09 Destiny Beta_PS3_09

Destiny Beta_PS4_08 Destiny Beta_PS3_08

Destiny Beta_PS4_07 Destiny Beta_PS3_07

Destiny Beta_PS4_06 Destiny Beta_PS3_06

Destiny Beta_PS4_05 Destiny Beta_PS3_05

Destiny Beta_PS4_04 Destiny Beta_PS3_04

Destiny Beta_PS4_03 Destiny Beta_PS3_03

Destiny Beta_PS4_02 Destiny Beta_PS3_02

Destiny Beta_PS4_01 Destiny Beta_PS3_01

The difference is extremely noticeable. Maybe even more noticeable than many would expect, and not because the PS3 version looks terrible. It’s pretty much par per course for a PS3 game showing levels of this magnitude. Resolution is a fairly obvious distinguishing element, but it’s far from being the only difference, and it’s not even the most relevant change.

3D models have a quite evidently higher polygon count on PS4 (it’s very noticeable on curved objects, for instance the ropes on the wall in the picture showcasing Lord Shaxx. Textures are also at least twice (if not more) the resolution on Sony’s new console compared to the old-gen version.

Lighting (including the number and complexity of the light sources), reflections, translucent surfaces, shadows, foliage, normal maps, tassellation and basically everything that contributes to determine the game’s visual fidelity are simply on a different order on magnitude on the two consoles.

There’s only one element in which the PS4 version fails quite badly to deliver, and that’s anti-aliasing, with very visible jagged lines especially on fences and railings. The effect is a bit distracting, but that’s pretty much the only area where the game hasn’t been improved much compared to PS3.

Ultimately Destiny is the perfect example on how cross-generation games should be made without sacrificing new-gen consoles excessively. It’s pretty much a given that development exclusively on PS4 and Xbox One would have yielded better results, but in this case we can’t say that the old-gen penalized its newer counterparts too much.