Destiny 2 Will Have “Great Cinematic Story” and “Great Cast of Memorable, Relatable Characters”

Destiny 2 Will Have “Great Cinematic Story” and “Great Cast of Memorable, Relatable Characters”

Activision gave a further tease on the upcoming sequel of Destiny, mentioning a focus on storytelling and memorable characters.

During Activision’s financial conference call for calendar year 2016, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg gave more color on the upcoming sequel of Destiny.

Hirshberg mentioned that development of the Destiny sequel is “going great,” and the game is on track to release this fall.

He also explained that Bungie is doing a “very nice job on two fronts,” the first is that players that are really invested and passionate about the first Destiny will love the new one, because there is a lot more of the same elements in the sequel.

On top of that, those who haven’t played the game for a while or never tried it at all, will find a “great cinematic story,” which Hirshberg defined “a real focus.” It will also have “a great cast of memorable, relatable characters” coupled with “great ways to make the game more accessible” to casual players.

Hirshberg explained that the game doesn’t lose anything that core players love, but it’s still more accessible to those who want a more casual first person action experience.

He concluded by mentioning that Activision is “very excited about the game”

While the name “Destiny 2” hasn’t yet been officially announced, and wasn’t mentioned in this occasion, it was hinted at by Hirshberg himself during an earlier financial conference call. Yet, we still don’t know whether it’ll be the final title of the game or not.

Activision has been teasing the new game for a while during financial calls with the first mention at the end of 2014. Fast forward to November 2016, when Hirshberg mentioned that the game it will use a “smart approach” for additional content, and is expected to bring “millions of new fans.”

The majority of the staff at Bungie has been working on the sequel for a while, as confirmed back in August.