Destiny Survey Shows 50% Will Play on PS4, 32% on Xbox One, 10% on Xbox 360 and 6% on PS3

Destiny Survey Shows 50% Will Play on PS4, 32% on Xbox One, 10% on Xbox 360 and 6% on PS3

Destiny‘s beta was extremely successful, and the game is now speeding towards its release on September 9th, but on what platforms will people play?

To get a bit of insight on gamers’ purchasing intentions reddit user tman2damax11 created a survey asking several interesting questions. The survey was posted in r/destinythegame, r/ps4, r/xboxone, r/xbox360 and r/ps3, getting a nice amount of visibility between fans of all the consoles involved. About 1250 people responded (96% of which took part in the beta), and the results are definitely good food for thought.


It’s definitely interesting to see that despite the early access on PlayStation consoles, the PS4 version of the beta attracted a sizable percentage of players over over the Xbox One version, but the Xbox 360 version beats the PS3 version.


Almost 90% of the respondents plans to pre-order or already pre-ordered. The beta seems to have impressed many.


While the standard edition gets the lion share of the pie, looks like over 50% won’t be content with the cheapest option.


If the survey is any indication, PS4 is well positioned to get the majority of purchases, with just north of 50% of preferences. Yet, considering the PlayStation exclusive content and the heavy co-marketing with Sony (and even more importantly, the fact that there are a lot more PS4 units out there than Xbox One units), it’s surprising to see that Microsoft’s new-gen console holds its own with over 32%, while the Xbox 360 still beats PS3.

DestinyPS_6Destiny also seems to be quite the system seller, with 17% of respondents that will make the jump to the current generation (PS4 and Xbox One) exclusively for Bungie’s latest labor of love.

Of course this will just a survey, even if the number of respondents is quite high, even compared to many professional ones. We’ll have to wait for Monday, September 15th in order to see the very first results (which will come from the UK) and then wait the following month to hear something from the NPD. It’s going to be quite interesting for sure.