Destiny Wasn’t Always a First-Person Shooter

on December 23, 2013 7:45 PM

Remember how Bungie’s Halo originally started out as a real-time strategy game, which then went on to become Xbox’s quintessential first person shooter franchise? Well, based on a video interview with GameInformer, it seems that Bungie’s new game, Destiny, also had a similar evolution through the design process, albeit not as drastic.

According to Bungie’s Technical art director, Ryan Ellis, the game was originally a third-person shooter before switching back to Bungie’s more familiar first-person territory.

“We actually at one point were third-person only… There [are] some third-person elements in the game still, so that’s important for gameplay, but also to show off your cool moves, and show off the cool armor that you get.”

“We wanted to make a kick-ass action game, and we felt first person was the right place to do that.”

In the video, Ellis also briefly discusses Destiny’s art direction, why they went towards fantasy instead of photo realism, the day/night cycle, and the non-announcement of a PC version. 

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