Bungie Submits Trademark Application for “DestinyCon” in United States [UPDATED]

Bungie Submits Trademark Application for “DestinyCon” in United States [UPDATED]

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, mega-developer Bungie has applied for a “DestinyCon” trademark. The application was filed earlier this week, under classification 41 under “fan conventions… in connection with the game ‘Destiny.'”DestinyCon

An official DestinyCon hasn’t been formally announced by Bungie or Activision, but it wouldn’t be the first Destiny convention in the wild. A fan-organized GuardianCon has been running for at least a couple years now, due to the work of popular streamers ProfessorBroman and King Gothalion. And regardless of future announcements, it doesn’t seem like stopping anytime soon — they have already been selling tickets for a June 30-July 1 convention at the Florida State Fairgrounds Expo Hall.

Updated: January 31, 2017 4:45 PM 

Organizer of GuardianCon, ProfessorBroman, has updated his audience letting them know that GuardianCon will not be cancelled because of the sudden appearance of the trademark.

He further notes that he believes — but doesn’t know — that the trademark is more for IP protection and less for an actual event. Earlier last year, the organizers of GuardianCon had to change the name from Destiny Community Con solely for that reason:

With that said, it is impossible to gauge exactly what the trademark means without a comment from Bungie. Worth noting, the original Destiny trademark doesn’t include a category for events, so this may be a move to simply get further protection. With that said, the trademark is filed as an intent-to-use application — Bungie would have to show that the mark (in this case, DestinyCon) was being used within 2.5 years to actually keep their trademark. However, numerous gaming companies have sidestepped this by simply continually re-applying for more ITU applications.

Developer Bungie hasn’t made any announcements yet regarding DestinyCon, and what its status may be. Destiny is well within it’s Year 3, with longterm fans still enjoying the occasional in-game events like The Dawning and Festival of the Lost. While there isn’t a lot known about Destiny’s sequel, Activision has noted that it will be “awesome,” taking a fresh approach to additional content. We’ve reached out to Bungie’s PR for more information about the trademark applicaiton.