DestinyDB Reveals New Items in Upcoming DLC

DestinyDB Reveals New Items in Upcoming DLC

A set of item listings on DestinyDB show possible items that will be added in the first destiny DLC pack.

As spotted by Redditor SwordofCrota, the DB listings appear to relate to the first announced DLC, titled The Dark Below.

Other listings include items related to a new Trial event, which will grant rewards such as a new Hand Cannon or Sparrow.

New materials for ship designs are listed, in addition to a Level 28 playlist.

Currently, the listings lack the 3D model that other items have, suggesting they’ve yet to be completed. However, DestinyDB does have thumbnails for each item, giving a good idea of what they’ll look like.

The Dark Below is set for release in December.

Check out the full list below:

Warlock gear

Hunter gear

Cloak- Shroud of Flies

Titan gear