Destiny’s April Update to Bring New Chroma System, Sterling Treasure, Taken Sword and More

Today’s Destiny livestream brought a fair number of surprises for what players can expect for the meta changes to fashion. As reported yesterday, today’s livestream would bring announcements of new loot and earnables — but no specifics were announced. Today we learned about new gear sets, changes to the infusion system, added vault space, and much much more.

The most important update is clearly the brand new Chroma system, which illuminates armor and weapon pieces with one of four colors — red, blue, yellow and white. Each piece of armor and weapon is customizable, so players can mix and match or get a complete set in one color.

Additionally, Bungie introduced five new lines of armor — one for each faction, along with the Desolute (Taken) armor and the Spektar line — they are all featured below. The faction armors are only available via faction packages, where the Desolute and Spektar line can only been obtained by Sterling Treasure boxes.

Briefly mentioned last week, Sterling Treasure Boxes are obtainable in the Postmaster, from completing Level 41 Prison of Elders, or by completing your 1st weekly Crucible Activity. If you aren’t willing to wait weekly to complete sets, players can grab a Sterling Treasure Box from Eververse for 200 silver.

Items that you infuse will now have a 1:1 ratio — if you were to use a 330 light level item and infusing them in a light level 3 item, the end item will still have 330 light level. This is a major change from the current infusion system which simply cuts the difference between the two pieces of gear. Chroma is randomized, however re-rolling the chroma setting on gear will not set back the progress on gear.

In addition to new armor, Bungie is bringing back some old favorite legendaries at 330 light available from getting legendary engrams. Meanwhile, new legendary Reef gear will be available from completing the new tickets for Prison of Elders, detailed last week.

A fan-favorite announcement, the inventory vault now includes a third weapon page for you to collect more guns. Additionally, Bungie has added an abandoned quest kiosk in the reef.

Small enhancements have been made to what players can expect from drops — players can now get 335 level gear from Kings Fall Hard Raid, Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris, Strikes, Exotic Engrams, Court of Oryx Artifacts, and the new Challenge of Elders.

New dances add to the range of emotes will range from the iconic “What is Love” Night at the Roxbury dance to Shia LaBeouf’s “DO IT” “dance.”

Also, brand new Taken gear include Taken-fied ghosts, swords, and weapon — all pictured below. Once players complete the Desolate armorset, they will be able to earn the Taken Jitter emote, with the iconic Taken twitch.

For those out of the loop, last week’s live stream showcased that the April 12 Destiny update will include an increased level cap, new bounties, new quest lines (some exclusive to PlayStation), a new strike, a revamp of the Winter’s Run strike, a new end-game challenge mode, and (most notably) a revamp in the Prison of Elders.

Next week, Bungie will be talking more about open world and Quality of Life at the same time on their Twitch channel. As mentioned above, Destiny‘s April update comes to all players on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on April 12, 2016. Check out all the screenshots below:

Dead Orbit Gear:

New Monarch Gear:

FWC Gear:

Desolute Gear:

Spektar Gear:

Additional Screenshots:

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