Destiny’s Iron Banner is Back; PlayStation-Exclusive Rewards Available

on December 29, 2015 1:59 PM

Destiny’s level-advantaged week-long multiplayer mode is back bringing a host of available rewards, especially if you are playing on PlayStation consoles. Beginning at 1 PM ET today and ending January 5th, the mode lets Guardians go head-to-head in Control modes with special bounties, rewards, level advantages for weapons and armor with higher light levels. In order to reap the rewards, players can purchase a select few from Lord Saladin after reaching a specific rank or will receive it as a post-game reward.

While the event happens monthly and is rarely a surprise, the news of PlayStation exclusive gear is rather unheard of in Iron Banner. While PlayStation exclusive maps, weapons, and emblems have existed, Iron Banner has largely remained neutral territory. Check out the rewards available below:

Iron Banner PlayStation Exclusive Rewards:

Iron Banner PlayStation

Iron Banner Warlock Armor:

Iron Banner Warlock

Iron Banner Hunter Armor:

Iron Banner Hunter

Iron Banner Titan Armor:

Iron Banner Titan

Iron Banner Shotgun:

Iron Banner Shotgun

Iron Banner Auto Rifle:

Iron Banner Auto

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