Destruction All Stars Has Planned Post-Launch Content for a Year at Least

Destruction All Stars Has Planned Post-Launch Content for a Year at Least

Destruction All Stars developers have a lot of cool stuff planned for post-launch phase.

Destruction All Stars will be officially released on PS5 tomorrow, and all PlayStation Plus members will be able to claim and play it for free. According to the Lucid Games and Sony xDev, the developers, the game has at least one year 0f planned post-launch content.

Speaking to EuroGamer, one of the developers from Sony xDev, John McLaughlin, revealed that they have a plan for the forthcoming year in the case of content update. Of course, there won’t be any major updates in the first couple of months, but the developers are supposed to track the player engagement and get feedback from them. He said:

So we’ve got a plan. The first couple of months is basically letting people play the game, get into the game, of course we’re gonna look at the analytics and look at what people are playing. While we’ve got a plan for the forthcoming year, we’ve got loads of cool stuff coming, we do want to engage with that community, we want to listen to what they’re saying.

It’s important for life services to be able to pivot, you know, and listen to what people are saying.

Continuous support for multiplayer games is one of the major key factors that developers should keep in mind. Scheduled content and non-stop support is one of the most notable reasons that games like Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, Rainbow Six Siege, and Overwatch still have plenty of active players.

PlayStation players haven’t received a top notch action-packed racing game since the Twisted Metal series on PS2. With its promising announcement back in 2020, Destruction All Stars is an ambitious project that could turn into a new popular multiplayer area for PS5 players. Looking back at the history of PlayStation, once the platform used to received many acclaimed games in Vehicular Combat genre, especially during the fifth and sixth generation of consoles. However, during the PS4 era, the lack of action-packed racing titles was significant in the library of PS4 games.

Destruction All Stars will be out on February 2 on PS5.