Destruction AllStars PS5 Settings and Accessibility Detailed

Rebinding, audio sliders, minimap sizes. There's a fair bit available already.

February 2, 2021

Destruction AllStars is a game by developer Lucid Games and has players taking the wheel of a vehicle and smashing it into other players and utilising weapons to win. You can even jump out of your vehicle and start fighting others if you fancy some good old thwacking. The game launches today exclusively on PS5.

Taking to Twitter, Mark Friend, principal user researcher & accessibility lead at PlayStation revealed the game’s settings that are available in Destruction AllStars at launch. These options include a range of the usual options you’d expect to see but also a dedicated accessibility section available.

Video and Audio

Starting with video, there’s actually not that much that can be adjusted, literally just the brightness. However, there are more sliders for audio related sounds. You’ll be able to adjust the sound levels for vehicles, characters, commentators, sound effects, and music, or change them all at once with the master slider. Dynamic range is also an option that is set to auto by default. There are additional sliders for both in-game and menu interfaces.

Controls and Bindings

For controls, you’ll be able to adjust the speed of camera movements and whether to invert the controls at the X or Y axis. There’s also sliders for choosing your deadzone sensitivity. There seem to be illustrations of what the selected adjustment changes. As for bindings, you can change the inputs for both on-foot interactions and for when you’re in a vehicle. You can also choose to have the left and right sticks swapped if needed.

Gameplay, Accessibility and UI

The gameplay section isn’t all that populated. You can choose to turn off camera shake and tutorials if you don’t want them, and you also choose what region your game focuses on when matchmaking.

The accessibility section is far more populated. You can turn on colour blind mode and set the intensity of the effect to your preferences. And there are options to change the HUD colours, allowing what colours friendly player UIs are shown in, the enemy UIs, and neutral UI.

As for subtitles, you can choose what language they’re displayed in, what sizes there are, their colour, their background colours, and the opacity of the background. There are no examples shown in the image shown, but it’s still a welcomed list of features to give that customisation.

As for UI, you’ll be able to adjust a range of the HUD elements. The minimap can be scaled, along with its markers such as warning markers and threat markers. You can even adjust the background opacity for it. Other HUD elements can be toggled on or off, and there are more options available that aren’t shown in the image below.

All of the settings seem to allow you to customise the game to your preferences. And it seems as if all settings that can be adjusted come with previews of what your output will look like should you tinker with them, which is massively handy. How these are in actual play is another thing, but on paper, these are great to have.

As for the game, we saw some of the characters and their skills coming to Destruction AllStars last month, along with who we can expect to see. Last year, we saw what game modes would be making their way to the game. As of today, Destruction AllStars is available on PS5.

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