Details Emerge on Minecraft Documentary

on January 25, 2011 12:00 PM

Details Emerge on Minecraft DocumentaryWe recently found out that there’s a documentary being filmed about the much beloved indie darling Minecraft, but other than the fact that it’s being filmed not much was detailed. Some details have surfaced today though from 2 Player Productions, the team behind the documentary. The feature will focus on the early weeks of Mojang Specifications when it was first formed, is going to be roughly twenty minutes long and will be released for free in February.

Depending on reactions to the documentary, they may return to Mojang to film more which would be awesome considering we may be getting closer to an actual “final” release of the game and the team is working on a second secret game as well. I’ve found myself falling more in love with this game than I have any other in a long time, and I eagerly look forward to catching this.

[2 Player Productions]

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