Details for Infamous 2 Revealed

By Tyler Christensen

February 1, 2011

And there he is, ladies and gents. The man of the hour, Mr. Cole McGrath. Holy crap, is it just me or does that screenshot look amazing!?

Well, you guessed it, Sucker Punch has released new screens and even an awesome video showing off some of InFamous 2. By the look of the above screenshot, I’m sure that you can imagine that the rest are going to rock as well. The trailer shows off a little bit of the comic-book style cinematics from the game, a certain watch for any fan.

The PlayStation Blog has also revealed some details on he duality/morality system within InFamous 2. How it works is simple: let your conscience be your guide. You’ll have some choices to make along your endeavors through New Marias. Karma moments are now represented by character driven dialogue and 3D mocap cutscenes. Seems like Cole will be stuck within a crossroads with good versus evil once again and along the way he’ll meet all different shades of people, among them are Kuo and Nix. Kuo is an NSA agents who wants to help Cole, while Nix is more of the rebellious type (so, it appears).

What are you still doing listening to me? Watch the video and check out these screens.

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