Details of Mortal Kombat DLC Revealed

Details of Mortal Kombat DLC Revealed

In an interview with G4, Mortal Kombat executive revealed that plans for the first Mortal Kombat DLC will be released “certainly within the next month,” and may be available in “the next few weeks.”

The DLC will introduce Skarlet to the roster, who got her origins as a red palette swap of Kitana in Mortal Kombat II . Skarlet has since been morphed into a character with her own backstory and is pictured below.

The DLC will be free of charge and will also “tweak certain values” within the game. Full patch notes will be released as they are revealed, and Boon has announced his intentions to support the the title for long after release.

It’s great to see that NetherRealm Studios and Warner Brothers stepped up and actually made a good game with a large amount of content, as they had to sell the title on its merits rather then on its previously negative brand recognition due to a slew of mediocre predecessors.